EMA Main Office

Eric Mower and Associates (EMA), an integrated marketing communications agency, had combined with another large advertising agency, causing them to seek larger office space. They needed space that would not only accommodate the current staff, but would allow for expansion. As a creative company, they wanted an open, flowing environment that would foster creativity and encourage interaction and collaboration. At the start of the process, EMA was outside the central business district, but they preferred the vibrancy and energy of downtown, however, they made it clear it was not a deal-breaker. First and foremost was to find a space that would inspire their staff and clients.

> Create a visually inspiring environment that encouraged impromptu meetings, staff interaction, and team collaboration

> Accommodate entire staff on one floor

> Allow for future growth

> Negotiate a financially advantageous lease

> Identified existing, redevelopment, and build-to-suit opportunities throughout Syracuse, in both downtown and suburban markets

> Sent Request for Proposals (RFP), encouraging building owners and developers to be creative, as EMA needed unique space with a distinctive aesthetic at or below average market rate

> Provided a comparative analysis to evaluate different financial structures, along with facility and location characteristics

> EMA moved to the newly constructed Jefferson Clinton Commons, a LEED-certified building in the vibrant Armory Square District, well inside of the CBD

> We worked with the buildings developer to design and build a one-story, 5,000 SF addition, featuring skylights and exposed brick, to accommodate the entire staff on a single floor

> We converted the traditional build-out allowance to an allowance for open architecture furnishings to create the desired functionality and environmental feel

> EMA moved into a new home that not only reflected but energized their brand